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The designer model of the 330, is a TV armchair in the new design by the designer Marshall, it is very comfortable from a supportive but pleasant touch, its side cushions in comfortable hands with a pleasant memory sponge, and an orthopedic seating experience combined with an 8mm sponge combined with Phuket springs

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The 330 model is a designed armchair by designer Marshall
. The new collection of 2021

Electric Version Electric

This model is designed to be comfortable and pampering with perfect support for prolonged sitting Enjoy AIR leather without tincture, high material quality, Without maintenance, breathable leather is made from 100% engineered material.

Leather Tram 330 Marshall
Leather Tram 330 Marshall vibrator

Vibration Massage System

Electric version

Electric version allows opening and closing using buttons on the sides of the seat allows stopping at any point, the electric mechanism allows them to enjoy any limitation of angles just as you would like to direct


Height – 110 cm
Backrest width – 70 cm
Backrest length – 70 cm
Seat depth – 55 cm
Seat width – 44 cm
Seat height from the floor – 55 cm
Length in full opening position 1.64 meters including the footrest
Footrest width 58 cm
Overall width 80

What it Includes:

Built-in massage system with 2 different massage modes.
Heating the armchair by a built-in remote control
Special development USB charging socket built into the armchair.
Orthopedic comfort in the standards of the global IREST memory soaked
28 separate built-in Phuket springs with complete separation of foam sponge
6 flexible support straps
Stable solid wood base, and full support of up to 140 kg
All you have to do is sink in the armchair and join the experience.
Innovative and quarrelsome design that includes front pockets for signs
Side pocket for newspapers and sign
Pillows full of filling
AIR skin repels sweat, and is comfortable to the touch, does not peel.

Air Breathable Leather

Built-in Remote Control


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9 reviews for Leather Tram 330 Marshall

  1. Thornton Jena

    I have it as a gaming chair … he really likes it. Versatile and comfortable but the massage function is very basic … just a simple vibration but not bad at all.

  2. Isidora Esme

    I brought this chair to the corner of my bedroom. Just the perfect size, even when sloping. I read a comment that said it’s not an adult size chair, I totally disagree. It is comfortable and very soft.

  3. Emmet Arlie

    A great product that will not take up an entire room. I still need to use something for the footrest towards the bottom but for management. The massage mechanism in the chair just feels like a vibration.

  4. Beverley Chad

    Great deal for this massaging armchair. It’s a bit on the small side but I like the different massage modes. Nice foam padding, also with support where needed. I just bought another so I have a matching set.

  5. Shevon Garret

    I’m getting into this chair just fine. If your feet are high they may be a little raised, but for me it’s perfect, my feet are a bit dangling. Later the package arrived perfect, no problem The assembly is so easy, there is no need for instructions.

  6. Everard Lennie

    The chair is very comfortable and the cushion is nice and soft with stability. It goes down nicely and I like the different positions. This is an amazing deal on the price. Yes I covered if in a blanket because I do not know how strong the skin, and I prefer to keep it nice and new. just my opinion.I hope it helps.

  7. Delia Amy

    This chair is very comfortable, it does not creak very easy to assemble I brought this chair to my mother she loves it

  8. Blanch Newt

    My son recovered from bypass surgery and could not sleep on his side. This comfy armchair was just perfect and helped him stay on his back until he was sure to sleep on his side. Its compact size made it easy to place in a one-bedroom apartment.

  9. Camilla Calvin

    This is my chair for watching TV, and the slightly smaller size makes it more comfortable the size of my meter and a half than my husband’s armchair that fits a man six feet tall. His chair has more expensive upholstery and is twice its price, but together they produce a welcoming entertainment room.

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