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A quality TV chair makes your TV viewing experience a great experience. Today there is a wide selection of reasonable quality TV armchairs on the market. If you want to renew your TV recliner, the MHRS-270 is without a doubt the highest quality TV recliner model on the market.

Why is IREST TV MHRS-270 the ideal choice for your living room?

The IREST MHRS-270 TV recliner model is one of the most popular products on the market, as the comfort experience that the recliner gives you is exceptional. The skin of the AIR LEATHER chair, which is breathable and water-repellent leather. In addition, the armchair has a double padding layer, orthopedic support and quality sponges. All of these features make the MHRS-270 a comfortable armchair that you will not want to get up from. In addition, if you are in pain, the armchair includes a state-of-the-art massage system, with two levels of intensity and five custom massage modes. You can choose between four muscle areas in the body and adjust the daily massage to the sore muscles.

MHRS-270 Additional functions

IREST have added effective features to MHRS-270. The armchair includes a built-in heating system, a USB charging socket, a oscillating mechanism and a 360-degree rotation. So you can adjust the armchair in any direction you want without moving.

Built-in Massage System

A few words about the 270 model and the interior of the IREST model 270, seat with support and resistance, the buttocks part includes a memory sponge, gives a feeling of levitation, definitely a variety of features that will become the perfect version, massage system, heating, side pocket for storage, special design With facilities for signs.


USB Charging Port

Includes upgrades and treats, and the best refinements. A pampering massage system.

Heating the armchair to the temperature you want. USB charging socket. High-standard orthopedic comfort from IREST Global.

Built-in Remote Control

An electric version allows opening and closing using buttons The complex in the seat, allows stopping at any point, the electric mechanism Allows them to enjoy countless angles just as you would like to aim The armchair and decided sitting positions. Warranty certificate for 3 years.

Air Breathable Leather


Height: 100 cm.
Width: 106 cm.
Depth 95 cm.

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8 reviews for IREST TV Recliner MHRS-270

  1. Alfie Elyse

    The chair is very comfortable. We love it…

  2. Goodwin Ray

    It is perfect! Easy to assemble (I did it myself) it is comfortable and durable.

  3. Kaila Royalty

    Easy to assemble and convenient

  4. Marianna Lucas

    These chairs are much better than I thought and that means a lot. the quality is excellent, the small assembly just screws the legs and rests the head on the body nothing else. It’s a must get, don’t miss out!

  5. Lizzie Kerrie

    I got it for my grandson and then bought another for my granddaughter they are great.

  6. Graeme Lucian

    Super easy to assemble. Not a huge, overly clumsy type. love it.

  7. Pauletta Kevyn

    The chair is very comfortable. We love it ….

  8. Cheyenne Benjamin

    Easy to assemble and convenient

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