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The VIP armchair version with the electric opening at the push of a button, gives a dreamy feeling A different feeling of all includes 2 cup holders and a massage system, charging, and hidden places for storing perfect orthopedics includes support for the neck part with a cushion. Premium invested.

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Electric Leather TV-290 gray

Currently at the launch price, an orthopedic model designed in the style of a cinema with an electric opening version,
2 places for storage in the armchair , allows you to store newspaper signs and everything you wanted near the armchair.
And model on orthopedics, and a combination of gadgets, vibration massage, electric heating, charging socket and quiet mechanism

Vibration massage system

Electric version Electric
version allows opening and closing using buttons on the sides of the seat
allows stopping at any point, the electric mechanism
allows them to enjoy any limitation of angles just as you would like to adjust
the armchair and decided seating positions.

Electric heating

Electric Leather TV-290 gray heat

Designed and planned by IREST designers, perfect propulsion of prolonged sitting,

supportive, relaxing and pleasant


Perfect orthopedic engineering combined with memory sponges.

  • High model includes a smooth support pad that
    includes a pampering massage system in a controlled area by remote control.
  • Possibility of built-in heating in the armchair.

USB charging port

Built-in additions

  • Massage – 2 types of massage in vibration for a perfect experience that will occupy you.
    Massage blows, massage punches and kneading massage including foot massage
  • Built-in USB charging socket in the armchair, you can charge the Talbat or smartphone without fear of getting up from the armchair.
  • Electric heating – a function for heating the armchair
  • Perfect place for storing things on the sides of the armchair, handles that open upwards
    allow storage, signs, newspapers, and everything you need in the area
  • Pocket for extra storage.

Cup holder

Cushions for support at the bottom and top,
soaked in IREST, engineered orthopedists for a pleasant and supportive experience

Electric Leather TV-290

IREST uses AIR skin type, which means
high quality breathable skin, it causes you to stay sweaty
for a long time , this skin is considered the best skin type in the category, preserved for several times longer and several other types like .. PU and BONDED
This type does not peel Over time / or creates sun blemishes, this model includes padding on the opposite side of the skin
feels comfortable in contact with it.

Electric Leather TV-290-1


  • Height – 110 cm
  • Backrest width – 60 cm
  • Backrest length – 77 cm
  • Seat depth – 56 cm
  • Seat width – 56 cm
  • Seat height from the floor – 54 cm
  • General depth – 175 cm
  • Overall width -88 cm

Supply 🚚

  • Delivery time 1-5 business days from the moment of order confirmation.
    Are you looking to rejuvenate in a new TV armchair for your home? No need to strain, order an IREST TV-290 electric TV armchair today and get one of the best-selling TV armchairs in the world directly to your home within five business days.
    TV-290 is an electric TV armchair with orthopedic support and an advanced massage mechanism. The massage mechanism includes five massage programs that work on different muscle areas in the body. There is nothing like a pleasurable experience when you return from a long and stressful day to the perfect armchair and receive a pampering massage.IREST VIP electric armchairIREST has invested heavily in making the TV-290 TV armchair exceptionally comfortable. An armchair includes many technological features.The buttons on the sides of the seat will allow you to adjust the angle of the sofa exactly to your liking, even up to the reclining position.On cold days, you can activate IREST’s advanced heating mechanism at the touch of a button. With it you can be pampered from sitting in a heated armchair throughout the year and as needed.IREST – American standard and maximum comfortIREST is an American company that manufactures electric TV armchairs at the highest level. TV-290 is a luxury model, designed to provide the user with an optimal comfort experience.IREST manufactures luxury and quality armchairs designed for people who like indulgence at an affordable price that does not exist in other companies.In addition to the TV-290 model, memory sponges that make the armchair so comfortable that you will not want to get up from it. The armchairs come in a variety of colors with a 3-year warranty. TV-290 is the perfect choice for you.

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8 reviews for Electric Leather TV-290

  1. Neil John

    Great Services. I got the recliner instantly within 3 days after place the order. Happy with Irest.

  2. Dalton Lenox

    I have it as a gaming chair … he really likes it. Versatile and comfortable but the massage function is very basic … just a simple vibration but not bad at all.

  3. Nylah Stephani

    Beautiful small chair but very comfortable

  4. Siena Brinley

    Super easy setting. Best customer service. I love this Electric TV Armchair.

  5. Lyssa Chloë

    Very impressed with the comfort and the heated massage considering how much they cost.

  6. Hedley Christal

    Arrived two days early, it just made me the week !!! Thanks for hearing them so fast!

  7. Christie Serina

    It’s perfect for my girls’ playroom. she’s sitting comfortably on this chair. it’s really for shorter to be comfortable

  8. Floretta Winfield

    Great deal for this armchair. Nice foam padding, also with support where needed. I just bought another so I have a matching set.

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