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BRENDAN 3D armchair, allows you to control the depth and rhythm of the massage by a smart rail, and air pressure with 10 different areas of pressure pads.
A selection of built-in automatic programs, full speed control, power, full reclining mode, and extremely powerful and quiet motors.



The best price in the country includes a roller for feet and full of features that can not be found in Israel! One of the best massage experiences
Get to know the 3D model BRENDAN, equipped with a massive massage, powerful engines
and a massage system using air pressure in 10 different areas and allows you to reach any point on your body.

Massage all parts of the body
back, neck, arms, legs, feet

Rail in a smart construction that rolls on the body, and allows to reach any point

Before starting the massage, the armchair will adjust the position of the motors according to the dimensions of the body
according to the height, and the width


Perfect foot massage combined with air pressure with spinning tops

And various programs, for extremely high blood flow in this area for perfect and quick release.


Choice of built-in automatic programs without the need for operation
to run sit and enjoy ..
10 min, 15 min, 20 min, 25 min, 30 min
Innovative design, especially and many functions that will bring design to your living room, the
includes built-in speakers that allow you to connect music via

The armchair includes a full reclining position, called ZERO GRIFITY
Easy control via the remote control.

Width: 77 cm
Height: 126 cm
Length: 130 cm
Length in full reclining position 175 cm

Features and operation

Enjoy renewable, healthy life, better, and looser with the BRENDAN 3D model
and begin a new day of fun relaxed and calm, with no back problems, no pressure
use of once a week, twice a week is safe and recommended streaming blood

6 Automatic built-in programs and manual control
Option to focus the massage
control Control the intensity of the massage
Built-in screen that reflects the position of the massage
Option to adjust the height of the armchair by pushing the legs

Side Controller

Side Controller TP iSpace also includes a side controller that will help the user access and manage the massage chair easily during the massage experience. iSpace offers the most useful and convenient features to the user.
TP iSpace 3D can be customized using a manual massage program. The user can select the area,
full back massage , partial or spot massage, width and intensity of the massage wheel adjustments, speed adjustment of the massage wheel. iSpace offers convenient functions that a user can set up freely


BRENDAN 3D massage chair

Massage chairs have become a prestigious and coveted piece of furniture in recent years. People want at home what is best for them, which will stimulate blood circulation, relax muscles and calm the mind. Technology today has improved so much that you can get it even at home, in front of the TV, and relax even more

A powerful massage experience

The BRENDAN 3D massage chair allows you to have a massage experience from an expert masseur without leaving home. The armchair will massage
you at any point in the body, thanks to an air pressure system located in 10 different areas. No part will be neglected: back, neck, arms, legs and feet.
The quiet engine allows you to relax without hearing any unnecessary noise. The armchair works and works and you enjoy without interruptions

The armchair that adapts itself for you

Is light and not heavy pressure right for you now? And maybe tomorrow will be the other way around? Do you want to lie down or sit down? No problem. The armchair has a choice of 6 built-in automatic programs and manual control of the speed, focus and intensity of the massage. How will you control the massage?
Easily. You also get a built-in screen that will show you exactly the direction of the massage; And also the possibility of adjusting the height of the armchair by slightly pushing the legs. And if you want to listen in the background to your favorite music? No need to get up. Inside the armchair you will find built-in speakers that connect to music via Bluetooth

Innovative design

Apart from the amazing massage experience, you get an armchair with an innovative and beautiful design, so that it can fit you exactly into the home.

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8 reviews for BRENDAN 3D massage chair

  1. Harmony Dot

    An interesting experience I had in the short time I used is how it cures my headaches! I did not expect this bonus! Through the manual controls I have found that I can focus better on problem areas than my therapist, because I can control the speed and timing of the massage.

  2. Bree Isaac

    I have found that I can focus better on problem areas than my therapist, because I can control the speed and timing of the massage.

  3. Brandi Sapphire

    This thing is as good as much more expensive chairs. We used it daily and it still works well!

  4. Tawny Chloe

    In addition the FDA is approved so you can use it in HSA or FSA. My familly’s chiropractor prescribed it for her and it’s one of the best purchases we’ve made. It’s worth every penny!

  5. Schuyler Wilf

    For the price, this chair includes everything! Shoulders, arms, legs (compression) Roller legs, back and BUTT massages. There have been a few other massage chairs in the past, but this is definitely the best bang.

  6. River Darrel

    The different levels of zero gravity settings make it particularly comfortable. When the heating function is activated in the lowest G setting of zero, it feels like you are hugging and will put you to sleep!

  7. Jaydon Joan

    It was an amazing addition. Students also use it daily by my familly.

  8. Marcy Kiarra

    Totally worth every penny! We fell asleep in this massage chair. i love it

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