BERNDAN 4D Massage Armchair

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Professional relaxation massage chair A variety of automatic programs and unique features that make this model special with zero gravity, brushes, heat system, 3D scanning, air pressure massage pumps, automatic programs, digital touch, and everything is simple, easy, and convenient to operate with perfect performance, in a massage chair in design Clean and innovative.




Rail all over the body


Smart sensors and a touch that feels like a real human hand


Reach every point in your body by complete control


Reading the body and adjusting the rollers to your body size

Advanced control and massage options with advanced technology


Genuine copper brushless motors, power performance, and massage speed are among the highest.


Built-in stereo music system


Get quieter and more powerful air pumps than ever


Different operating experience than usual LCD color screen, simple buttons for easy and simple operation since time immemorial


Possibility to precisely adjust your height between 1.5-1.9 meters

Choose the program you like, adjust the speed, and the power
and you will fall in love with the massage experience just as you like


A more comfortable foot massage experience, with the help of air and a roller, feels professional, like a real effect.


Experience of full body massage by 22 air pumps


Adjust the massage exactly as you like


Maximum weight: 150 kg Height 1.2 meters
Depth 1.5 meters
Depth in opening mode 1.8 meters
Width: 76 cm

The best massage chair, an extremely strong massage, very wide with the best massage performance, 9 massage programs, powerful power motors that will allow you to get a strong and deep massage. Full support for the body, full reclining position up to 0 strokes and release of the body. As if in the air, this model includes a rail that can go low to the buttocks area, smart technology, which includes smart remote control, built-in programs, smart body scan, Bluetooth music system, those who love strong and deep massage and love uncompromising premium this model.

Additional features of the 4-star   BRNEDAN

5-star massage chair , is considered the most popular armchair at this price level, which includes many

powerful motors, product finish quality, smart features, and of course pre-massage to the lower back

* This model includes neck massage, 3D system and adjusting the massage according to the width and structure of your body.

With this technology you will get, a deep massage every second and feels like a real massage

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8 reviews for BERNDAN 4D Massage Armchair

  1. Lorn Truman

    Quality and comfort, love this chair

  2. Mavis Opaline

    The most outstanding chair. I loved it. I was most happy with every purchase. perfect.

  3. Timotha Howard

    I loved it. Outstanding quality!

  4. Demetria Bryanna

    The heat is really nice!

  5. Jacinth Monday

    Massager hits all the right places

  6. Iola Mayson

    I am satisfied with my purchase

  7. Totty Tanzi

    The chair is fantastic!

  8. lettyshawna

    This is my first massage chair, although I have tried many and received massages from many therapists. I am impressed by the various settings that make it possible to host the sore spots.

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