3 + 2 Seater Sofa Brendan Lee

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Premium Orthopedic Salon Increased amount of sponges and support and springs of the Phuket type, provides unique design, stitching and a clean and clear level of finish New and clear, comfort quality and engineered support 6 Memory sponges with Phuket springs and straps fastened to solid wood base, will provide support and feel wonderful What you are looking for, easily opens into a reclining position by opening the handle.




This is the best orthopedic premium model in the sofa minute.
100% high quality

IREST designed sofa opens to full reclining position and 90-degree reclining by opening with a handle on the side of the sofa.
Note that a large pillow will support each seat at the top, and at the bottom
Smooth buttocks with support using a memory sponge and Phuket springs.
Place your hands on the sides of the sofa.

Orthopedics and Perfect Comfort

  • 3 types of sponges, supine position containing 4 mm memory sponge
  • 26 Phuket springs in each seat
  • High density filling

Sleeping Mode

Opens to reclining position, reclining option
By tilting the body after opening the handle

Measurements : 3 Seats

Width: 209 cm
Height: 103 cm
Depth: 101 cm

2 Seats

Width: 149 cm
Height: 103 cm
Depth: 101 cm



Change warranty on the product mechanism.
SKU: R1011A-53, R1011A-52

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11 reviews for 3 + 2 Seater Sofa Brendan Lee

  1. Kingsley Raymund

    I love this set!

  2. Lavena Deziree

    We ordered two of these for our theater room to replace our existing seats. These are well built, extremely comfortable and very much compared to what we found at local retailers. We intentionally were left with the option of lying down manually.

  3. Ern Alayna

    A very nice love seat! This is my favorite right now!

  4. Deacon Dwayne

    My husband has a lot of back problems and the chair with the lumbar support was wonderful.

  5. Jaylah Pleasance

    The delivery was amazing delivery. I got it in two days. forward! Amazing.

  6. Charlee Desmond

    The center console and cup holders are really comfortable, but just watch out if you have a dog. laugh out loud

  7. Bailee Rochelle

    I bought this sofa for my nursery. It’s super convenient; I wanted something that was soft enough to sleep in, but would also serve as a swing. The material is a really soft material, ripples like. I think it’s a great price for a great chair. No complaints here.

  8. Zechariah Guy

    I bought it as a gift for my wife. He has not seen it yet but it is already my favorite place to sit. It’s not heavy but it’s really comfortable.

  9. Jessamyn Elle

    This is a nice chair at a nice price. parts, easy to assemble. I fit comfortably in a chair. If I was bigger than me now I would need a bigger armchair. Besides I am very happy with my purchase.

  10. Aldous Hervey

    It took me less than 10 minutes to assemble! I opened the shipping box outside and rounded the base perfectly to the house and carried the top. I was able to disassemble the crate easily for recycling. The assembly was a cinema!

  11. Adrian Nate

    Very comfortable and I like that it is not bulky. I have arthritis and this couch is very easy to reposition and get out of.

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