Massage Chair

Massage Chair

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    4.73 out of 5

    4D EXCELIT The next thing in the massage chairs, a large wide chair, with lots of advanced features, full control of the sitting height with the help of an electric leg adjustable that allows you to adjust the height of your sitting, the EXCELIT model is an orthopedic massage chair with ergonomic seating experience, engine quality, content, content They are among the most advanced in the world, this model is common and sold today under other names to the best companies in the world, it provides a good massage experience with advanced features, so get ready for a massage experience from the movies.

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    Color : Black
  • Professional relaxation massage chair A variety of automatic programs and unique features that make this model special with zero gravity, brushes, heat system, 3D scanning, air pressure massage pumps, automatic programs, digital touch, and everything is simple, easy, and convenient to operate with perfect performance, in a massage chair in design Clean and innovative.

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    Color : Falcon
  • BRENDAN 3D massage chair

    4.88 out of 5

    BRENDAN 3D armchair, allows you to control the depth and rhythm of the massage by a smart rail, and air pressure with 10 different areas of pressure pads.
    A selection of built-in automatic programs, full speed control, power, full reclining mode, and extremely powerful and quiet motors.

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    Color : Brown
  • MECHA 4D massage chair

    4.79 out of 5

    The 4D MECHA model, a pampering massage chair equipped with a powerful and powerful massage experience, with quality massage combined with vibration, massage, heating, this model is equipped with programs and equipped with powerful and quiet 11A QNTOM motors, fun and liberating massage, including 8 high pressure massage system This massage chair is the next thing in a new design with buttons on the side of the chair apart from the sign, an innovative design

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    Color : Brown - Falcon