IREST Company - What is Our Concept

Without a doubt, the thing that matters most to almost every one of us is our home. The place where we feel most safe, calm and relaxed. We all want our home to be as comfortable as possible for us, and IREST takes the comfort of our home very seriously.

IREST is an American company that produces furniture of the highest standard for us. Every product that comes out of the company’s factories is a product that has undergone a long and calculated process in order to best suit it for us and for our home and family.

The motto of IREST is simple – to distribute thousands of furniture a month, at winning prices so that everyone is satisfied – both in quality, price and service.

Furniture Preparation and Design

All IREST furniture models have been specially designed by the company’s designers to suit a variety of spaces and interior designs. The furniture has been engineered to provide the most complete orthopedic solution for our entire family, and meets the most stringent standards of quality of products and furniture.

The comfort engineering of IREST is without a doubt the pride of the company – every product and product is guaranteed to be comfortable at the highest level – for our home, and for us to feel as comfortable as we can.

What Happens After the Products Arrive in the Country?

The company’s products arrive in Israel directly from the factory in the United States, and are stored in an orderly manner in a series of logistics warehouses throughout the country.

From those warehouses, the company’s products are distributed throughout Israel, in a short time and at a winning price. Within five days, the selected furniture will arrive anywhere in the country, in uncompromising quality and with courteous service.

What Are We Paying For?

Because IREST does not spend expensive money on showrooms, sales agents and unnecessary space, it allows us to buy the highest quality furniture items at the most affordable prices, prices that almost no competitor can provide. IREST furniture meets the highest quality regulations, and therefore allows us to enjoy a long warranty on every IREST product we choose to purchase.
Thousands of pieces of furniture are distributed from the logistics warehouses every month, reaching thousands of satisfied families, who at a winning price and with particularly favorable payment terms have made their home much, much more comfortable.

IREST is one of the most advanced furniture companies in the world, and over the years the company’s furniture has gained an international reputation when it comes to quality and comfort.
The company’s main motto is to provide a wide range of customers with thousands of pieces of furniture every month, while maintaining high quality, available and courteous service, and low and fair prices.

Since furniture is not an item that you purchase every week or month, it is important to check that the furniture you purchase has a warranty. Thus, if God forbid something happens to the furniture, you will receive a repair service that will allow you to enjoy the furniture properly.
Also in the field of warranty, IREST has branded itself as a very leading company, giving its customers no less than two years of home warranty.
Thanks to this, when we purchase one of the selected and high-quality furniture from IREST, we receive a guarantee that even if a malfunction occurs in the furniture, we have a two-year warranty.

The place where we feel safest and most wanted, is our home. The place we come to after a long day of work, the place where we open every morning, sleep, eat, play, laugh, have fun and spend time with family.
Because of this, it is no wonder that each of us wants to make the home the most comfortable place, when there is nothing like the IREST furniture products, which takes the whole comfort issue one step further.