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If you are looking for the highest quality office chairs, you are now in the best place.


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Living Room

What’s good about the furniture industry to buy a single piece of chair.

Massage chairs

Massage chairs are good for you. There are so many benefits of massage therapy.


TV Armchairs

High back chairs and rise recliner chairs are two of the most popular options. The best lounge chair for the elderly will vary for each individual, depending on their levels of mobility and independence.

Living Room

Boston Rilsey Living Room 3 + 2 Seats

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You can experience a more abstract three-dimensional massage by resizing. 3D technology allows the user to control the length of the rollers that extend from the backrest.


I purchased the 124 armchair in gray and it is really comfortable for me, I thank the site staff for the lovely service.
Amar Binov


I bought a model 115 armchair and I am very satisfied and comfortable! And just fun and an amazing product delight


We are very satisfied customers, we bought the 280 model for the house, it is comfortable, I have a cup holder, the quality of the skin is excellent, I am very comfortable in the back, my whole family enjoys the aspiration of you all. Perfect place to buy TV armchairs

A very comfortable armchair, and very wide! It is very difficult to close the legs. Overall very pleased …. this is a model 124 pampering gray fabric of the best armchair there is recommend with a smile 🙂

I am quite happy with my new armchair I bought the Model 90 from them, the seat length and backrests are just right for my home, the cushions are very comfortable for me to rest my hands easily, I am comfortable to connect the phone and charge it easily.

I am satisfied and also my family Like you huge fun we have a lot of fun, we bought the model 124 The product is really suitable for our home, this armchair is the best thing that happened to us is a car and support Thank you


IREST is one of the most advanced furniture companies in the world. The company’s main motto is to provide a wide range of customers with thousands of pieces of furniture every month, while maintaining high quality, available and courteous service, and low and fair prices.

The place where we feel safest and most wanted, is our home. The place we come to after a long day of work, the place where we open every morning, sleep, eat, play, laugh, have fun and spend time with family.
Because of this, it is no wonder that each of us wants to make the home the most comfortable place, when there is nothing like the IREST furniture products, which takes the whole comfort issue one step further.

Since furniture is not an item that you purchase every week or month, it is important to check that the furniture you purchase has a warranty. Thus, if God forbid something happens to the furniture, you will receive a repair service that will allow you to enjoy the furniture properly.
Also in the field of warranty, IREST has branded itself as a very leading company, giving its customers no less than two years of home warranty.
Thanks to this, when we purchase one of IREST’s selected and high-quality furniture, we receive a guarantee that even if a furniture malfunction occurs, we have a two-year warranty.

IREST furniture, designed by the company’s designers, is engineered to give every buyer the comfort he desires, manufactured in factories in the United States, shipped to Israel, and stored in dedicated warehouses.
From there, the company’s furniture is distributed to various cities around the country – at winning prices and in a short time. Thus, the furniture actually comes from the factory directly to the customer’s home – it does not get stuck in such and such stores or display products, but from the warehouse comes directly to the customer’s home.
Please note – the furniture is expected to arrive at your home – no matter where you live in the country – in just five days.


Leather Tram 330 Marshall

The place where we feel safest and most wanted, is our home. The place we come to after a long day of work, the place we open every morning.

Here’s How We Make It Feel Like Home.

Timeless, Classic Style

We’re always refining our handpicked collection of styles to bring you a fresh take on timeless.

Livable, Lasting Quality

We offer thoughtfully crafted pieces made from materials that keep up with your everyday.

Reliable Value

Our fast, free shipping and first-rate customer service make it easy to create the home you love.